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Click here to Listen to A Dog Called Money / I’ll Be Waiting now.The album may or may not be obsolete, but the fact remains: Listeners have long obsessed over individual songs. Unresolved conflict, after all, is the heart of drama—and what good is a love song, even a happy one, if it’s not at least a little melodramatic?But in 1993, PJ Harvey was the name of a band: bassist Steve Vaughan, drummer Rob Ellis, and frontwoman Polly Jean Harvey, who would soon after come to be known as “PJ Harvey” regardless of whom she played with.felt like an expression of pure, unadulterated id — albeit an id with defiant post-feminist ideals and a sneaky sense of humor.—because Harvey was no longer asking questions or nurturing uncertainty. She was singing “This Is Love.” Overall, Stories From The City is a lush and subtle album, full of dreamy atmosphere and shadowy artiness (even when Thom Yorke isn’t guesting, which he does on three stellar tracks).

PJ Harvey came on like a drama queen with her 1995 breakthrough album, To Bring You My Love.

Though she may love and care for someone a great deal, P. Harvey rarely expresses her feelings openly and freely.

Very often Harvey's love for someone is expressed by her wish to help her, do something tangible to benefit her or serve her in some way.

In an age of safe, docile, homogeneous pop music, Harvey's high threshold of angst has proved remarkably popular.

Her most recent album, Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea, has sold some three million copies worldwide.