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Jesus had been crucified and buried along with their hopes of seeing his Kingdom established. But soon, these same men would turn the world upside down. John’s Gospel is different Matthew, Mark, and Luke are called the ‘Synoptic’ Gospels, because the events of Jesus’ life and ministry are seen from roughly similar perspectives. There is no account of the birth of the Savior, but an account of the spiritual rebirth …

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“Rough Night,” a bachelorette-party-from-hell thriller comedy that’s got some push and some laughs, despite its essentially formulaic nature, is a perfect example of why Hollywood needs (many) more women filmmakers.

When the lovesick Mike (Jon Favreau) can't seem to shake a relationship rut, his smooth, fast talking buddy Trent (Vince Vaughn) decides he'll do whatever it takes to show Mike a good time!

I'm a here to help you bring productivity and health to your life. Diet and fitness are a big part of my life and a big part of this site. I call problem solving an art because these days, there's so much information out there that it'll make your head spin.

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Given how open everyone here is about sex and their various relationships, not to mention Christian's swinger ways, the neurotic hang-ups he has about the imagined threat posed by Ryan hold no dramatic water.

Otherwise blasé, conceited and narcissistic, this trust fund baby with a stunning hillside Malibu pad is a pale brother to Ellis's totemic character of the 1990s, Patrick Bateman, in , and both feel like cousins of Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley. The blandly good-looking, immaculately groomed Christian mostly assumes a posture of nonchalant petulance, affecting not to care about anything beneath the surface until it comes time to manipulate those in his small circle.