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Thomas of Villanova Church, pictured here, which was completed in 1887.
I did a few searches for a solution on the www and followed a few rabbit holes regarding Windows 10.

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It’s one of the great things you can do with your life. Both my daughters can throw a tennis ball really far and hard and both catch it really high (laughs). The oldest read between three and four books a week; they go through books so quickly, I can’t even keep up with them anymore. It’s what I’ve been doing all my life so I thought, if I can teach my kids to do it then I’ve got people to do it with again. I feel like the dad in Matilda but sometimes I have to go to them, ‘Stop reading at the table! Scheduling issues led the BBC to pull the plug after six years.But the high ratings saw Channel 4 swoop and the duo were back on screen just one week later with Sunday Brunch.I'm a fan - some of the banter is a bit forced, and some of the features are a bit naff, but in my mind it's a perfect show for a lazy Sunday morning.

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How important do you think a dad’s role is in parenting? I think most children need a father, it’s a slightly different angle to a mother, but they need both parents.

Parenting is such a privilege; I think those parents who aren’t spending a lot of time with their children, they’re missing out. They are obsessed with their phones as well, but the books; it’s such an obsession.

When my eldest were growing up, there was no sugar or TV during the week. I’d never let them have fizzy drinks and I don’t keep biscuits or chocolate in the house, so it’s not part of their diet. My sausage and bean casserole is always very popular- it’s quite easy to cook. I have this theory; ‘the economics of fun’, about how much something costs and how much we’ll get out of it.

They’re usually with me on the day and I insist we go for a walk in the park; that’s my favourite thing to do with them.